Pricing as simple as sending an email.

CopyCheck for Email: $495/month

Give your entire company access to the very best email writers for one simple price.

Includes full access to CopyCheck, unlimited emails, and no per user fees.


Unlimited emails

Send us as many emails as you would like to have checked and rewritten.


2 dedicated writers

You’ll have 2 of our very best email writers always working on your account.


3 hour turnaround time

We’ll have a shiny rewritten email in your inbox within 3 hours, during your business day.


Power Writing course

Access to our Power Writing course, for your whole team.

*Coming soon.


2 months free

Save $990 per year when paying annually for CopyCheck.


Privacy, guaranteed

We don’t store any emails after 30 days and we’ll sign an NDA before starting.

Common questions

Yes. When you pay for a year up front, you get a discount of $990.

That’s 2 months free of CopyCheck.

We’re launching CopyCheck for Business early August, which will allow you to send us anything. If it has words, we’ll check and rewrite it.

If you want to be an early customer and start using it, let’s chat!

Only if you ask nicely. 🙂 Book a call with Jason and let’s hook you up.

If you really want CopyCheck in your life, but know you’ll be the only person in your business using it, let’s have a chat. We do have a super secret single person licence we offer from time to time.

On the fence about CopyCheck?

We get it. You send a LOT of emails. Your product is complicated and we don’t understand the lingo. How can CopyCheck really be “unlimited”?

Let’s have a chat. We’ll have as many questions for you as you’ll have for us and we can both decide if CopyCheck is right for your business.