About CopyCheck.
A short story.

"Jason, please will you check these emails?"

It sounded like an innocent request from one of my sales team.

What I read shocked me.

  • Basic spelling and grammar mistakes. (My team all used Grammarly! Or so they say…)
  • 3 sentences that all said the exact same thing, just in 3 different ways.
  • Using 2 of the worst business cliches I know of – low-hanging fruit and let’s touch base offline.
  • No question at the end of the emails. “let me know if you’re interested.”

I wanted to pull my hair out.

“I can’t be reading and fixing all my team’s emails, I’ve got work to do! Surely there is an app or service for this?”

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1 June 2022

Fast forward 6 months from my hair-pulling-out conversation and CopyCheck was born.

Email is the king of business communication.

Yet your employees (and you!) write emails to your clients and suppliers that make you as uncomfortable as a 16-year-old watching an R-rated movie scene while sitting next to their parents.

These emails don’t get anything done other than confuse your clients, chase away new leads or, even worse, stop your invoices being paid.

No more.