Your about page is the most boring page on your website.

I bet you’ve written a long story about how you started the business and how great your company mission of making money changing the world is? 

It’s the 2nd most visited page on your website, but all you’ve done is put up a sign that says:

“Sorry, nothing to see here”.

Want to see how an about page that turns website visitors into clients, is written?

Below is the greatest about page you’re ever going to read. 

And we’ll break it down so you can steal it for yourself, or even better, hire us to write one for you. 🙂

There are 6 sections to a killer about page.

  1. Your value proposition
  2. Imagine if…
  3. What makes you different
  4. Your story
  5. Your offering
  6. Your call to action

Let’s break down each of these sections by writing the CopyCheck about page. (This is going to be fun!)

1. Your value proposition

What’s unique and desirable about your business? Write this section last because writing all the other sections will give you some great ideas for your value proposition.

Tip: Write out 5-10 different headlines and then pick the best one.

CopyCheck is your on-demand marketing & sales copywriting team.

2. Imagine if…

Here is where you paint the picture of how your client’s life is going to be better after they buy from you.

The more vivid and detailed the story is, the better.

When you started your business, you did everything to keep the business alive. Years later, it’s a stable and growing business, but you know in a few months, there is a sales hole you have to fill. 

Waiting for referrals or using “I HOPE we get more deals” as a strategy to fill that hole is not going to cut it.

So what do you do?

You turn on the Bat-Signal.

What happens next is going to change your business…

A marketing superhero flies into your office and pitches you the greatest content marketing plan that gets a standing ovation from you and your team.

This plan has the blueprint to create rocket fuel for your business.

You smash the “Let’s Go!” button and the CopyCheck Crack Squad gets to work.

The changes to your website double your enquires.

Your confidence to land Blue Chip clients skyrockets with your new pitch deck.

Your sales team starts hitting targets.

Your cold email replies go from “no thanks” to “YES PLEASE!”

You start hiring again because you need more people to keep your rocket ship flying!

This is what your business should feel like.

Press the Bat-Signal.

3. What makes you different

Here are 2 questions to help you write this section.

  • What drives you crazy about your industry?
  • What part of your industry do you want to see changed?

Copywriters are everywhere.

Upwork and your local neighborhood Facebook group will have you sifting through CVs for a week. 

And this is what you’ll get from hiring them:

“We’re a data-driven agency that converges at the intersection of scaling revenue and forward-thinking design”

Read that again, slowly.

It says absolutely nothing.

Does it get anyone sitting up straight in their chair and leaning in to read more?


Freelance copywriters are creatives. Creatives are good at filling blocks with extra words or tickling your back so you fall asleep.

You need the exact opposite for your business.

You need a sales & marketing crack squad. 

Experienced sales & marketing writers growing their business, that know what it takes to grow yours.

Ready to meet your crack squad?

4. Your story

This part is where write your story. What got you involved in the industry? What questions do clients ask you all the time? What makes you want to help others?

Really important when writing this section is don’t use 3rd person. Use I or We.

Why I Started CopyCheck

At my previous business (acquired in 2020), we helped companies book sales meetings, using email. 

The part I enjoyed the most was writing cold emails.

I’d ask clients what made them different and they’d tell me:

Jason, we offer amazing service, we treat our clients like family and our competitors aren’t as good as us.”

I’d roll my eyes (not in front of them!) and start asking better questions, because the drivel they just told me is what EVERY COMPANY says.

Right here is where I realised the value of persuasive writing, AKA copywriting, and why I started CopyCheck.

As businesses grow, they try and fit in instead of trying to stand out. 

Their marketing, sales approach and the words they used to stand out is replaced with yawn-inducing copy.

CopyCheck’s goal is to get the reaction of “I want what this business is selling!”

Do you want that reaction from your potential clients?

5. Your offering

Like us, you can include your pricing in this section.

Another option is to list out your services and some information about each one.

CopyCheck Pricing

No-brainer pricing so we can move past the awkwardness of our first date.

CopyCheck Credits

Want to test CopyCheck? Buy credits and use them on once-off projects.

$180 per credit

How do CopyCheck Credits work?

The more research and writing a piece of work takes us, the more credits it will cost.

Rewriting a single email: 0.5 credits
Set of cold emails: 3 credits
Write a newsletter: 4 credits
Website homepage copy: 5 credits

Book a call with us to go over the CopyCheck credits menu.

CopyCheck Unlimited

Our all-you-can-eat unlimited copywriting service.

$1,850 per month

How does Unlimited work?

Send us your writing request using email or, even better, a voice note.

We’ll turn around your request in a few hours and keep editing until you’re happy.

No word limits and no limits on hours (other than the hours we are awake and working!)

Book a call with us to get started.

6. Your call to action

The grand finale. 

What is the single thing you want someone to do once they have finished reading this page? Get them to do that.

Copy is the hardest working employee in your business.

It’s available to read 24/7 yet you’re writing about your business in a way that no one understands, puts your potential clients to sleep, and has your competitors laughing all the way to the bank.

No more.

Turn your boring copy into your best-performing salesperson with CopyCheck.