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Hey there – 

I’m Jason, founder here at CopyCheck.

I know you’ve been CC’d in an email where someone on your team emails a client and you cringe with that sound of nails being dragged on a chalkboard, from their writing.

Writing emails is table stakes in business today, but with social media and acronyms like WTF, AFAIK, and BTW creeping into everyday use (and don’t get me started on emojis in emails!), your team is writing emails in hieroglyphics. 

No wonder your clients get frustrated, your finance team struggles to get invoices paid on time and your sales team isn’t booking enough meetings.

It doesn’t have to be like this.

I’ve experienced this very problem myself for years at my previous companies. 

  • Badly phrased sentences (Grammarly doesn’t fix this!)
  • Leaving it up to the client to decide when to reply, when deadlines are approaching
  • Struggling to get paid on time because of unclear instructions
  • Not being specific with next steps and nothing gets done

We’ve fixed these email writing problems, and more.

You and your team now have access to the David Ogilvy version of email writing with CopyCheck.

You’re welcome.

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People *really* like CopyCheck

Every day, we help lots of companies write and send better emails, impress their clients and get things done.

Sending this CopyCheck email made me feel empowered, instead of Mr People-pleaser sucking up and selling my soul to convince them.”

Darren Swanepoel, Founder of D-One
Helene Smuts

CopyCheck support me and my team’s emails almost every day.
Their sales and marketing knowledge also makes our emails much better too.”

Helene Smuts, Founder of Credo Growth

When Should You Use CopyCheck?

When Should You Use CopyCheck?


You've written more than three paragraphs

If you've written an email that has become really long, really quickly...

Send it to CopyCheck.


You want them to take action

If you want the person you're emailing to take action - pay an invoice, set a meeting with you or sign a quote...

Send it to CopyCheck.


You're feeling an emotion

If you have a strong emotion, positive or negative, towards the email you're about to send...

Send it to CopyCheck.


Your email is sitting in drafts

You've written an email but it's sitting in your drafts because you're not ready to send it...

Send it to CopyCheck.


You're looking for a 2nd set of eyes

If you want someone else to double-check your email before you send it...

Send it to CopyCheck.


You're sending to many recipients

If you are sending out an email to many recipients, maybe that's your entire team or a list of all your clients...

Send it to CopyCheck.

Have your emails go from a babbling mess to David Ogilvy'esque writing, with CopyCheck

It’s time your important emails were checked and rewritten by a team of conversion and sales copy experts. Because who doesn’t want to delight their clients, close more sales and get paid faster?