Do you know what the definition of copywriting is?

Here, I’ll Google it for you.

Copywriting is the art of persuading people using the written word.

That word persuading? That’s the problem with your copy.

You have a business doing a few million dollars in revenue so you think you have to add big words to make what you do sound important.

But the only persuading you are doing is persuading your potential clients to leave your website with a confused look on their face.

Business writing is about clarity and persuasion.

Simple writing is persuasive.

Here’s an example:

Don’t write “The very best CRM software” when “The best CRM software” will do.

You think adding “very” adds something. It doesn’t.

Oh, and those 1200-word SEO-optimized articles that must have your target keyword 7 times in the article and H2 headings?

Yeah, Google killed this with their Helpful Content algorithm update.

Back to the copywriting stuff for your business. 

Imagine doubling the number of leads from your website just by rewriting the copy.

Or fixing that 48-page pitch deck and your sales team starts hitting their targets.

Or writing emails that book sales meetings.

Or sending your copywriting team (*cough* CopyCheck *cough*) love letters like these:

CopyCheck testimonial that says "AAaah YES! Your are the best."
CopyCheck Testimonial that says "Jason this is great. I love it!""
CopyCheck testimonial text that says "This is brilliant"

This is what it’s like working with an experienced sales and marketing writing team.

So, do you want a writing team like this working for your business?

I saw a head nodding there…

Then let’s start with a small project and become friends.

If that leads to us becoming besties, then I’m pinning you to the top of my WhatsApp chats!

Start by booking a call with me below.

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I’m off to go write some more words.

Call me. 🙂

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